Before going into detail as to how blow molding works, it helps to understand what it is. This manufacturing process is actually comprised of two parts. First is a parison, which is the starting tube made from molten plastic. The second part is the inflation of the tube, which is what molds the part or component into the desired shape.

Blow Molding - How It Works.jpg

This particular type of molding is used to make hollow plastic containers. Some examples include jars; containers; and bottles for milk, sports drinks, shampoo and conditioner, and so on. In other words, the containers that hold products used by millions of people around the world on a daily basis are created using this molding process.

This process offers many advantages. The blow molding method works well for creating complex shapes, production times are fast, and the empty plastic containers are recyclable.

There are three specific types of blow molding machines

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