While there are a number of good companies to consider, it is important that you choose a premier provider of cutting-edge blow molding equipment. When searching for the best blow molding manufacturers, you want a company that provides exceptional options, whether searching for an innovative injection blow molding machine or extrusion blow molding machine.


Pet All Manufacturing offers an extensive line of blow molding machine for top leaders in both America and Canada. The product line includes a number of outstanding equipment options, each proudly displaying the Pet All name.

  • Leak Testers (used for leak-testing bottles)
  • Preform plastic injection molding
  • Plastic bottle molding machine
  • Reheat stretch molding machinery
  • Single-stage injection stretch blow molding machines

Originally shared at: http://www.petallmfg.com/blog/pet-all-manufacturing-inc-type-of-blow-molding-machinery-manufactured/

Contact Details:
Pet All Manufacturing Inc.
85 Royal Crest Court, Units 1 & 2 Markham,
Ontario, L3R 9X5
Phone: (905) 305-1797
Web: http://www.petallmfg.com/
Email: cmerrick@petallmfg.com


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